Hello everyone, below is a set of rules for the Rubber Redneck STAMPede Online Classes. I want my online classes to be a positive and fun place to learn for everyone!

  1. Be respectful and kind to all members.
  2. You can save tutorials to your computer for future reference. Everyone is restricted from sharing or selling the details of all Rubber Redneck STAMPede projects on their blogs/websites or submitting the ideas shared in the classes to any Stampin’ Up! contest or any other companie’s contest. Every project presented by the Rubber Redneck STAMPede is the property of Rubber Redneck STAMPede and violating this policy hurts all of us. You are permitted to show the projects that you have created or re-created but for instructions to create the project(s) your readers should be directed to www.rubberredneckstampede.com. I will remind you that you are certainly welcome to share the projects with your customers in an “in person” class, stamp camp, workshop etc. with the understanding that they have PAID you to attend the event. Sharing the PDF’s FREELY is not permitted and your down-lines should be directed to join us at www.rubberredneckstampede.com.
  3. We have very strict “No Soliciting” policy that will be enforced. Nobody is permitted to post email addresses, web addresses, blog addresses, phone numbers, or class schedules at any time or any place on the Rubber Redneck STAMPede site. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate removal from this event with no refunds.
  4. When sharing your ideas and projects with others, please respect the copyright and give credit where credit is due.
  5. If you share your password with anyone for any of the classes you will be banned from all Rubber Redneck STAMPede Classes immediately with no refunds.


If anyone violates the Rubber Redneck STAMPede rules, I reserve the right to ban you from the site immediatly without refund. If you notice any of these rules being violated please contact me by emailing me at catrules97@yahoo.com.