Hello and welcome to the all new Rubber Redneck STAMPede Site!!!!

I am excited to show you all the new changes to the site and classes!!! First and for most the Home Page has been completely revamped allowing for more streamed line viewing and faster loading. With this new Home Page format I will be posting weekly!!!!! Every Tuesday I will have something new and exciting for you to see on the Home Page!!!

The next big upgrade to the site which I am really excited about is to the video system that we use in the classes!!! The new system allows for better buffering  and best of all it uses Adobe-flash, which is a very common format.

I am also making some upgrades to the PDF Design. With the new changes this will help you get everything cut and prepped at the beginning of the project, making it easier to use in the classes that you demonstrate!!!

In honor of the grand opening and the upcoming Fall Fest class I have created a FREE Tutorial for everyone to view and enjoy!!! This will give you a taste of what the classes are like and allow you to view some of these NEW upgrades!!!!

The FREE project that I am sharing is a card that I made using the Always Thankful Stamp Set in the upcoming Holiday Mini!!

Here is  video in the new format

Part 1

Part 2

Here is the FREE PDF for this card

Always Thankful Card PDF

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the FREE Tutorial!!